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Water Damage Brooklyn Pros

Water Damage Brooklyn

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You may have unexplained health issues that are starting to frustrate you. If this sounds familiar to you, consider that the problem could be due to mold starting to develop in your home. This can occur when you least expect it because you may not even know that there are areas of your home where there is moisture. If you want to root out the cause of your physical discomfort, contact Water Damage Brooklyn Pros. We offer water damage remediation that can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, along with other water and fire restoration services. Allow us to get to the bottom of the problem for you.

About Us

Water Damage Brooklyn Pros in Brooklyn, NY has been in existence for more than a decade. We are committed to the total satisfaction of those whom we serve in the Brooklyn, NY area. Our hope and intent are to help you avoid the problems that often occur due to water. We understand how much of a headache it can be when water damages, mold, and fire damages, occur. The remediation process can be very tedious and costly. We know that with our help, we can thwart the possibility of your needing full remediation. We are experts in our field, with the tools and equipment needed to service your needs.

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    Our Services

    We start our job of getting to the bottom of your problem by performing a mold inspection. Many in the Brooklyn area already know how quickly a problem with mold can develop. They also know the importance of acting quickly. If you ever discover a leak or have experienced flooding; contact us quickly before the problem escalates. We won’t waste time providing you with the help that you want and need, as we always act with a sense of urgency when we are called upon to assist with your service needs.

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    Water Damage

    When it’s cold outside, you might experience a problem with your pipes bursting. This is the misfortune that we wouldn’t wish on anyone, however, it is often a situation that is out of your control. Allow us to help with your water remediation. We'll explain water damage restoration cost, and help with water damage insurance claims. Our water damage specialist is your first defense against mold. Allow them to help with your water removal needs.

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    Flood Restoration

    We know that there may be other floor damage restoration companies in Brooklyn, but if you have any type of flooding in your home; call us on our experts. If you have a flooded basement, you may require basement flood repair. This is something that we can quickly and effectively handle for you. . Our flood cleanup service will help reduce the chances of mold developing.

    “We didn't understand the importance of having someone who could restore our apartment to the way it was after the fire that we experienced. Someone recommended the services of Water Damage Brooklyn Pros. We’re glad that we did because they did not hesitate to quickly address our fire cleanup. ” – Tim J.

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    Mold Inspection and Testing

    You must allow us to inspect and test for the possibility of mold. This is especially important if you have experienced flooding in your home. If we detect mold, we can determine the extent of the problem and begin putting to put together a plan to attack it before the problem spreads. When you want mold inspection and testing, call us first. We offer free mold inspections. No other NYC mold inspection or mold testing company is as thorough as we are.

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    Mold Removal

    If you have mold in your home, don’t wait until the problem spreads before contacting us at Water Damage Brooklyn Pros, call on our mold specialists. It is not unusual to have some mold in your home, but there is an unhealthy amount of mold that could be in your home, which needs to be removed. Contact us for your mold removal cost. There are similar mold removal companies, but none are as good as we are.

    “We always had mold in our flat but we didn’t think much about it until we started seeing it show up in other parts of our home. When we decided to do something about it, we contacted Water Damage Brooklyn Pros. They quickly detected the problem and started the flood restoration process. It took them less time than we had imaged.” – Claire R.

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    Fire Restoration

    We offer more than just water damage services, we can also handle your fire damage restoration.  When you experience a fire, it can be devastating, and most people don’t know the first thing to do. We would advise you to contact your insurance company, and then contact us so that we can quickly come in and do what has to be done to restore your home to the way it was pre-flood. It's best to quickly address the problem because the longer that you wait the worse the situation will become.

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    Smoke Damage Restoration

    You will likely have some smoke damage if you have experienced a fire. Allow us to help with your smoke damage restoration and smoke damage clean up needs. You may think a smoke removal company can't be effective. Hire us and we'll show you how successful our smoke remediation services are.

    “Since I suffer from severe allergies, I couldn’t take a chance of mold developing in my home. When I began noticing it around my windows. Water Damage Brooklyn Pros inspected the rest of my home and determined that it as contained to this area only.” – Gary T.

    Call Us Today

    None of us can predict everything that will happen from one minute to the next. This is often the case when you experience flooding or fire. However, we do know that we should at least be prepared for situations that might occur, such as a fire or flooding. You can rely on our team of experts at Water Damage Brooklyn Pros. We offer the most reliable and effective water and fire remediation services in Brooklyn.