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Mold Inspection and Testing

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If you're selling your home or if you are in the market for a new home, you would be doing yourself a favor by relying on Water Damage Brooklyn Pros for a mold inspection and testing. A mold problem can develop and go undetected for a very long time. If there was flooding, and the homeowner thought they dried up all of the water, then they may not know that they have a mold problem. This is often the case when flooding occurs and professional service is not relied upon to handle the flood restoration process.


Mold Inspection Process

A mold inspection identifies the type of mold that you have. When we perform an inspection, and we have successfully identified the type of mold that we are dealing with, we will know how to treat it. We will get to the source of the mold problem, in doing so that we can effectively treat the problem. Treating it from the source is the best way to ensure that the problem has been resolved. We use a proven effective method for inspecting for mold, which helps us provide efficient services to those who turn to us for their service needs.


Mold Testing Process

We perform a mold test to determine the allergens that exist. This requires that we take samples for laboratory testing. This test lets us know how much mold you have in your home. Remember that practically every home will have some level of mold, however, we are concerned when there is too much of it in your home. If the testing detects that the mold in your home is an unhealthy amount, we will let you know. At this point, we will need to develop a plan that allows us to effectively remove the mold.


Why Mold Testing is Important

Mold can affect the health of someone with upper-respiratory problems. It can even create upper-respiratory problems for some people. A mold test will help us identify any serious mold issues that might exist, and provide us with the chance to resolve the problem before it becomes worse than it already is. When there are small children in the home, don’t take unnecessary chances, contact us for mold testing and an inspection today. You can prevent your children from developing serious respiratory issues. You can also help keep harmful bacteria and allergens out of your home.


Why Hire Water Damage Brooklyn Pros

We are the preferred and the most widely used team of experienced water restoration contractors in Brooklyn, NY. We always get the results that we set out to achieve because we work with the most thorough team of professional contractors. If you want to be sure that you will receive the best quality of service possible, you can if you allow us to assist with your service needs. We act quickly to provide you with mold testing and inspection. Make sure you avoid more serious issues by relying on us to help with your water damage needs.

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